Credit card scam covers 4 counties

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Credit card scam covers 4 counties

An alleged credit card fraud spree was so widespread it could take another month for the rest of the evidence to roll in. Cynthia Johnson and Vanessa Ravare are charged with running up and down Interstate 70, and using forged Capital One credit cards and fake driver licenses to illegally take tens of thousands of dollars of cash advances. The caper encompassed Summit, Eagle, Garfield and Mesa counties. Among other things, authorities are waiting to see what other information rolls in, as well as checking on Johnson’s previous criminal activity in California. She’s on felony probation there, said Heidi McCollum, assistant district attorney who’s handling the case. California’s probation officials say Johnson missed a meeting and issued an arrest warrant for her. It turns out she missed the meeting because she is in the Eagle County jail. The bond was in Santa Clara County. She was released from Folsom State Prison after serving time for a sting for similar charges, McCollum said. Prosecutors say the women used the same scheme among banks, attempting to get cash advances on forged Capital One credit cards and using false identification. When the card was denied, they reportedly told the teller that the credit […]

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