Crime inquiry to go ‘beyond bikies’


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A royal commission into organised crime in Queensland will be much broader than just covering bikies, the attorney-general says. Yvette D’Ath says the new Labor government’s top legal priorities will be holding the inquiry into organised crime and having a high-level taskforce review the previous government’s anti-bikie laws. She claims the problem with the former Newman government’s crime fighting strategy was that it only targeted bikie gangs. ‘One of the flaws with the bikie laws was that it was (only) looking at criminal bikie organisations, where we know and the evidence we have is that organised crime is much, much broader than that,’ the attorney-general told ABC radio on Tuesday. ‘With technology evolving the way it is, criminal organisations are evolving with that technology, police have to have the powers to keep up with that.’ Ms D’Ath said there were many sorts of organised crimes including drug importation, manufacture and distribution, internet fraud and child exploitation. ‘There’s so many different links when you talk about organised crime that we want to look at in a holistic way and we want to hear from the experts,’ she said. The attorney-general said they would review the Newman government’s anti-bikie laws even though […]

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