Crimes against local businesses increase


The business community of Wadeville, as well as business owners in the rest of the Elsburg policing area, are warned to be on high alert.

The warning from the Elsburg SAPS comes after several crime incidents were reported to the police.

The following crimes are currently prevalent within the business sector:

Robberies with firearms.
Business burglaries.
Theft of cars (parked outside business premises).
Theft of cargo stored in trucks and containers, etc.
Hijackings of both cars and trucks.
As a proactive measure, the SAPS calls on the business community to do the following to protect assets and the lives of employees:

Improve your company’s security system (burglar proofing, alarm, etc.).
Ensure the surveillance cameras are in good working order.
Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings, for example, suspicious activities (vehicles with more than one occupant) at all times.
Change from a cash salary payment system to an electronic banking system (avoid carrying lump sums of money from the bank to the business).
Ensure that your security company’s panic button is in good working order.
In case of an emergency, instruct your security company to call 10111 and the Elsburg SAPS (011 827-2306/5631) simultaneously, as they can attend the scene of an emergency, and not the business manager, as is the case right now. This will help to eliminate the corruption of security officers and enhance the recovery of the loot and the immediate arrests of the offender/s).
Security guards must not be visible to the public.

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