Cyber crime legislation: Independent agency proposed in final draft

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Some stiff financial penalties have been proposed against those involved in cyber crimes, sources in the interior ministry said. The draft bill labelled as many as 25 crimes as being cyber crimes. It excluded from the process the role of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) proposing a new independent agency for dealing such technical cases. The new agency would be empowered to take action against fake account holders on social media, particularly on Facebook. Social media would also not allow to be used for hate speech and a propaganda tool of miscreants. The training for lower judiciary on the nature of technical aspects of such crimes is also part of the recommendations. Officials in the interior ministry told The Express Tribune that the new piece of legislation was made to achieve the goals set in the government’s counter terrorism strategy. The National Action Plan’s point number 14 reads: “Concrete measures against promotion of terrorism through internet and social media.” The Pakistan Tele-communication Authority (PTA) would be authorised to permanently block any objectionable website after getting input from the cyber crime agency. As per the bill, the agency can take notice of any crime attached with any electronic device, including mobile […]

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