Cyber-Flashing And How To Avoid Being Hit

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Cyber-flashing is the latest form of cyber-crime to rear its ugly head. So far only one case has been reported, but it’s important that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) users take steps to protect themselves as it uses the AirDrop feature that’s available on iOS devices and Macs. It’s really a nice feature for those who want to easily share files or images with their own devices, but cyber-flashing puts a very nefarious use to it. What is cyber-flashing? A woman in London told police that while she was riding on a train, someone shared an unsolicited, illicit photo with her via AirDrop. According to The BBC, Lorraine Crighton-Smith said someone she doesn’t know sent her two photos of a penis. She felt “violated” and was concerned about who else the person may have sent the photos to as it’s possible children may have received the photos or may become victims of this type of crime in the future if people are not made aware of it. The British Transport Police said they’ve never heard of this sort of crime before and have dubbed it “cyber-flashing.” How AirDrop works Crighton-Smith said at the time she received the images, she was on a train […]

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