Cyber War: a guide to state-sponsored digital assaults

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

t a month goes by without reports of a new cyber attack. But while it’s no secret either that countries across the world are beefing up both their offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities – what often doesn’t get documented is how many of the major security breaches around the world are, in fact, the work of governments. Well, not directly. State-sponsored hacker groups have the ability to worm into media networks, major corporations, defence departments and – yes – other governments and wreak havoc. There’s even a sense of glamour now attached to the word hacker – popularised by groups like Anonymous, TV shows like Mr Robot and books such as Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. This overview is based on known attacks: there will, obviously, be others that governments have kept secret. Sadly, attribution is also tricky in several cases as most attacks that occur in the cyber sphere are anonymous. The international media and security agencies can only be left guessing in such cases. Here’s the breakdown on the world’s hacking superpowers. North Korea North Korean leader Kim Jong-un retains tight control over the country’s internet infrastructure; therefore all attacks originating from the country are almost certainly state-sponsored. […]

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