Cybercom: OPM Hack Highlights China Big Data Spying

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Cybercom: OPM Hack Highlights China Big Data Spying

China’s theft of millions of records on Americans was part of a Big Data spying program conducted by Beijing that has prompted the Pentagon to take new steps to secure large data concentrations. That was the assessment of U.S. Cyber Command commander Adm. Mike Rogers who on Thursday called the compromise of 22 million records from the Office of Personnel Management, as well as millions of heath care records in an earlier attack disclosed last year, a new form of cyber spying. The Chinese cyber attacks from 2014 “get more to the idea of what’s acceptable, what’s not acceptable, what’s within established norms,” Rogers said during remarks at the Atlantic Council on Jan. 21. The commander said nations around the world commonly use certain capabilities to learn about the world. “Hey, we call that spying and espionage,” he said. However, the hack of government personnel records, along with the Chinese hacking of the health care provider Anthem, highlighted the targeting of seemingly unimportant caches of data. Analyzing large data repositories is a new trend in cyber espionage, Rogers says. “If you go back five, ten years ago, I remember discussions where we thought there is just so much data here, […]

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