#cybersecurity | hacker #cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | Hackers get festive as presents and party scams hit Australia

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Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the Christmas season by making postal presents and party invites their latest target of attack.

One hack circulating currently is a text message scam that takes advantage of people expecting parcels from Australia Post.

Revealed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the messages use the branding of Australia’s postal service to send consumers fake SMS messages that say a parcel is ‘detained’, ‘you’ve missed a delivery’ or there’s an ‘important update’ to your delivery’.

These messages all include a link to click on for more details, which takes unsuspecting clickers to a fake Australia Post website where they are asked to enter your personal or financial details. 

Clicking on these links can also infect your device with malware, explained the ACSC, and can be deceiving as scammers use technology that imitates a caller ID, making the messages appear in the same conversation thread as a legitimate Australia Post conversation.


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