D.C. Federal Court To Hold Hearing On NSA Spy Case

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Almost two years ago, on December 16, 2013, Judge Richard J. Leon of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a preliminary injunction barring the continued unconstitutional collection by the National Security Agency and other government defendants, including President Barack Obama, of telephonic metadata of not just plaintiffs Larry Klayman and Charlie Strange, but in effect hundreds of millions of Americans (case number 13-cv-00851). This historic decision, the indirect result of the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden, was then appealed by the Obama administration. Last Friday, the federal appeals court vacated Judge Leon’s preliminary injunction, which had been stayed in any event pending appeal, and sent the case back to Judge Leon, presumably to allow for discovery into the unconstitutional surveillance in violation of the Fourth Amendment. In his order of December 16, 2013, Judge Leon had called this spying “almost-Orwellian.” After the ruling came down from the D.C. Circuit, Judge Leon immediately set a hearing for this Wednesday, but the Obama Justice Department, seeking to again delay the case, asked for a postponement, which Judge Leon rejected just minutes after the government’s motion was filed. It is thus clear that the […]

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