Deutsche Telekom Calls Smartphones Weak Spot for Hacking


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Smartphones and tablet devices are the new weak spot in the battle against cyber-criminals, according to the head of computer security at Europe’s biggest phone company. Businesses and governments have already been struggling with a record number of so-called distributed denial of service attacks, which have brought down websites from Sony Corp.’s PlayStation Network to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal page. Now the ubiquity of powerful smartphones with fast Internet connections, and weak security, is making it even easier for hackers to launch large-scale assaults on online services, said Thomas Tschersich, Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE)’s computer security chief. Mobile devices “are the perfect target for attackers,” he said in an interview at the carrier’s Bonn headquarters. To conduct denial of service attacks, hackers typically infect computers with malware and control these so-called “bots” to send an overwhelming amount of traffic to the servers or networks they want to shut down. The relative ease of infecting mobile devices — and the fact that their connection speeds are often faster than home broadband — is giving criminals the platform to send even greater amounts of data to crash websites, Tschersich said. Prolexic Technologies, now owned by Akamai Technologies Inc. (AKAM), last year […]

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