DHS hacks businesses for free to test cybersecurity

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DHS hacks businesses for free to test cybersecurity

IndependentSECURITY journalist Brian Krebs first reported on the program, know as National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technical Services (NCATS). He reported that many in the private sector had never heard of NCATS. But the program is no secret. According to the DHS website, “NCATS provides an objective third-party perspective on the current cybersecurity posture of the stakeholder’s unclassified operational/business networks.” The agency’s site also mentions that the service is free. “NCATS security services are available at no-cost to stakeholders and can range from one day to two weeks depending on the security services required,” it says. NCATS is mainly composed of two programs. One, known as Cyber Hygiene, is an automated scan of a company’s network to suss out any known vulnerabilities. Another, called the Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA),LOANS COMPANIES four to five security experts for a two-week period during which they conduct onsite assessments, launch targeted trial attacks and test incident response plans. The RVA program also orchestrates a spearPHISHING campaign on employees to see how often they fall for the fraudulent emails that attempt to lure people into clicking on a malicious link or attachment. An NCATS report from the 2014 fiscal year found that one quarter of […]

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