Disaster recovery with the multi-tool for system administrators โ€“ O&O BlueCon

With the disaster recovery solution OO BlueCon, admins can deal with their daily challenges easier and faster. Easily reset passwords fogotten by users โ€“ no need to know the old one. If a faulty or incorrect driver is preventing a system start, you can simply start the computer with the boot CD and deactivate the driver concerned. The next time Windows starts, just enter the new driver. If, despite everything, Windows is damaged, you can still start the computer with the boot CD, and using the OO FileExplorer select and copy files to another storage medium. This means that even in the event of a system failure, important documents and projects can still be accessed. When a computer system is decommissioned, sent in for repair or re-sold, OO BlueCon will securely delete confidential data from the hard drives. In addition, OO BlueCon will quickly and easily backup and restore the entire data on a computer, including the operating system, allow for easy registry editing, and much more besides. Learn more about the way OO BlueCon can handle the daily tasks faced by the IT department in your company: www.oo-software.com

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