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Dutch ethical hacking platform HackerOne has received a 25 million dollar – about 22,4 million euros – investment from New Enterprise Associates, VentureBeats reports.  This money will be used to employ more hackers to find flaws in companies’ digital security systems and notify them about the problems. Companies can then fix the problems before attackers have a chance to exploit them. “The HackerOne approach has the opportunity to fundamentally change the way we protect customers while rewarding the brilliant hacker community”, HackerOne CEO Merijn Terheggen told VentureBeat. “Companies can no longer afford to tackle security issues in isolation. Engaging the hacker community is an incredibly effective way to find security holes first. Organizations globally are starting to embrace this approach.” Some of HackerOne’s client base includes major tech companies Twitter, Dropbox, Yahoo, Adobe, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Vimeo and Snapchat. The platform currently employs 50 people and have helped find nearly 10 thousand security holes across its clients. Source: NL Times

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