EC-Council Admits that Some of there Email address were also compromised

In a statement posted on its website , EC- Council defacements DNS poisoning was the result of the fact that maintained . Hacker , Eugene Belford ( the movie ” Hackers ” the name of a character in itself) , calling the appropriate domain registrar personnel had trouble getting in touch with the site managed to screw up three times .

Question of the domain registrar was unable to secure their servers , then it migrated to a different company services the EC- Council was forced to close its website .

Certification of the Company’s domain hijacking , the attacker to compromise by EC- Council has used an email service provider to reset the password policy leveraged a vulnerability in the “e -mail accounts, a small Print . “

“It’s for a short period of time specified in the email box may result in unauthorized access to messages . Potentially compromised accounts represent about 2% of their customers are .” EC- Council representatives said .

E- mail accounts compromised by hackers to steal any data , it is uncertain . However , the Election Commission, the Council is informed of them . Credit card information is not obtained , the company said .

” As a precaution , EC- Council any reason to suspect that any affected customers if their information shared with EC- Council and any unauthorized use of the EC- Council is aware that he beware recommends that , “the statement reads .

To track down the attacker across three continents, working with law enforcement agencies say that . In the meantime , to prevent future incidents have implemented additional security measures .

r000t ‘s Blag criminal investigation has been conducted and Hack the Planet (HTP) , a former member who has appointed a 16 -year-old Finnish is a web hosting and cloud computing provider Linode Back in April, the system violates a group 2013.

Linode hacker to hack in question was removed from the group . After a while , HTP Hacking disappeared from the scene .

r000t ‘s Blag EC- Council hack attack visitors were redirected to a server owned by Finland by evidence that the person is found .

EC- Council has targeted the youth already on the radar of the FBI is called . DEF CON 2013 Agency reportedly arrested in Las Vegas . However , he had to go.

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