Edmonton police dedicating four officers to cyber crime


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 Powered by Max Banner Ads More people going online to conduct their daily business and socialize means more opportunities for cyber crime. And that is prompting the city police technology crimes unit to dedicate four officers this spring to investigate cyber crime exclusively. “I anticipate we’re going to see an increase in this (cyber crime),” said Insp. Chad Tawfik. “All the information I’ve read has shown that Canada is probably on the higher end as far as the amount of cyber crime that is happening, probably due to the fact we have a lot of devices…I don’t see it going away.” According to police, a cyber crime is a criminal offence involving a computer as the object of the crime or the tool used to commit a material component of the offence. In 1994, Edmonton city police formed the technological crime unit in response to a growing number of frauds utilizing technology. The unit handles a number of duties including digital forensics, which has members analyze devices such as computers and mobile devices, and take off any evidence. Investigators in the unit, however, quickly became overwhelmed by an increasing demand for service. And some of the investigations, said Tawfik, are getting […]

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