Expert hacker: Hillary doesn’t know who read her personal email

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At a press conference on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton tried to assure the public that there were “no security breaches” on the private server she used to send and receive emails during her time as secretary of state. But cyber experts are saying that there is no way she could know whether her account was ever compromised by hackers, who constantly attempt to detect security holes in email servers and stealthily exploit them. “There have been times when I’ve hacked into a customer’s server, collected data, and gotten out, and the customer never had any indication that their system had been compromised,” ethical hacker David Chronister of Parameter Security told Business Insider. “There’s this misconception that if someone is attacked they’ll know right away, but unless the hacker really screws up, the target won’t know until it’s too late.” The 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner also said that the personal server “was on property guarded by the Secret Service.” However, the former secretary of state did not provide details about the technical team that oversaw the personal system, which would involve several experts constantly looking for hackers if it was a government system. “You can never lock down a network enough to fully avoid […]

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