F-35 cyber security testing delay prompts vulnerability concerns

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F-35 cyber security testing delay prompts vulnerability concerns

The F-35 fighter jet could allegedly be vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to concerns raised in recent reports focusing on the potential vulnerability of the F-35 computer. US political website, Politico first reported in September that “military officials delayed key cyber-security testing of the F-35 fighter jet out of concerns the drills could damage the sophisticated software that serves as the backbone of the next-generation aircraft’s operations.” The Politico report said the delays had not previously reported and were confirmed by the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO). The breaking Politico report from November 9 said: “Those pushing for the drills to be conducted as planned said there was irony in the program office’s concerns that cyber tests could damage the fighter program and disrupt real-world F35 operations”. The report continued that “…Those concerns which delayed the testing are exactly why the tests are necessary for the Lockheed-Martin built plane, and for the testing to ensure the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps can maintain air dominance for decades to come.” The tests are needed to determine the strength of the F-35 cyber security system or whether the computer system is vulnerable to hackers. Source: http://www.themanufacturer.com/articles/f-35-cyber-security-testing-delay-prompts-vulnerability-concerns/  

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