Facebook added Free Voice Calling Feature to its Messenger App

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Have you noticed a blue color “Free Voice Call” icon that appears next to your Facebook contacts in the iOS and Android Facebook Messenger app?Yes, Facebook has updated their Messenger app that includes the ability to make free voice calls to your online pals and now Facebook users can simply tap the phone icon to call their friends.FACEBOOK DITCH WHATSAPP OVER CALLING FEATUREWhatsApp was reportedly developing voice call feature since last year and when it was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in February, users estimated that Facebook will add Internet calling feature to Whatsapp soon, rather than to its own Facebook Messenger.However, the WhatsApp VoIP calling is still to come and is expected to launch the update with the feature in the coming weeks, but sadly before that Facebook may leave other popular free calling apps, such as Viber, Line, Google’s Hangout, Skype behind.   — USERS’ PRIVACY AT RISK, AS NO ENCRYPTION As expected, Facebook Calling service is not Encrypted at all and efforts of NSA and Edward Snowden’s revelations realize all of us that there is no such thing as ‘Privacy’. If recent reports are to be believed, NSA’s spying powers are vast and they could once again put their […]

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