Facebook’s new campus sports old ‘Hacker’ sign

Hackers in Florida? Well, Tony Hacker, reports TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis.

The story goes that former Facebook engineer Chris Putnam was visiting Lake City, Fla., and spotted a sign for “The Hacker Company.” Facebook’s slogan is to “hack,” of course, which means move fast and break things. Putnam, himself a fierce hacker, is also famous for climbing into Dustin Moskovitz’s freezer.

“I immediately thought, ‘Man, this should be on FB’s campus,’” Putnam told TechCrunch. So he posted a photo on Facebook: “Facebook NEEDS this sign.”

Facebook Engineer Serkan Piantino spotted Putnam’s update and set out on a lengthy negotiation to buy the sign from the owner, Tony Hacker, who is, what else, a sign manufacturer.

Now the sign is hanging on a building at 1 Hacker Way.

“This was like a seven-month project,” Facebook facilities manager Scott Oligher told TechCrunch. “Negotiating with Mr. Hack for his beloved sign, shipping this huge thing, permitting it and finally getting it installed. We have had the install scheduled six different times. Glad it is finally in; it will be lit up on Monday.”

Two weeks ago during a “Space Hackathon,” six engineers painted a giant QR code on the company’s roof. Maybe then aliens can see Facebook’s $100-billion initial public offering from outer space.


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