Falls police hit cutting edge of crime scene investigation with new laser scanner

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The increasing expectations of juries in criminal cases that they will see evidence presented to them like what they view on the popular CSI series of TV shows. Of course, the TV shows present a mix of experimental technologies, not currently available to law enforcement, and glitzy gadgets that carry equally glitzy price tags. “People watch CSI and they think we have those abilities,” Falls Police Superintendent Bryan DalPorto said. Well now Cataract City cops do have that gear. For the past week, officers in the Traffic Division and Crime Scene Unit have been training on a new laser scanner capable of producing previously unimaginable three dimensional recreations of accident and crime scenes. “It measures a scene using a laser and it gives us a three dimensional map,” Police Lt. Michael Drake said. “It will give the opportunity for a jury to walk through a crime scene, three dimensionally, and allow us to incorporate actual crime scene photos in to the 3-D image.” A veteran crash management investigator and the Falls Police Department’s chief technology officer, Drake called the new scanner, “pretty cool.” The possibilities the new scanner will give police and prosecutors include being able to virtually place jurors […]

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