Family fun during cold weather

Ferrell boys doing arts and craftsThe winter season brings along holidays, a new year, and freezing cold temperatures!  Families across the country are experiencing the effects of a polar blast that is expected to set weather records in many places across the nation. Due to inclement weather changes, many school districts and businesses are closed this week forcing students, and some parents, to stay home.

While the weather may be causing traveling pains, there’s plenty to do inside to keep your family entertained. Here are a few home activities that are sure to help your family bond during bad weather days:

Story telling

Sit down with your children and share some childhood memories of growing up. This is a great way for your child to learn a little more about you and perhaps some history, too!

Arts and Crafts

Bring out the creativity in your family fun time. An arts and crafts project is sure to distract your family from any inclement weather while serving as another great bonding activity.

Talent show

Let your star shine! Hosting a home talent show encourages a talent that you may not know your child possesses. Encourage your child to step outside their comfort zone by showing your talents (or lack thereof). This activity may encourage them to be more confident in other areas of life as well.

Click here for a list of other fun indoor activities to keep your family entertained during the freezing weather.

By Latoya McInnis 

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