FBI searches for men allegedly involved in identity theft, cocaine distribution


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The FBI served a search warrant Wednesday morning in northwest Miami-Dade County while searching for four men accused of distributing cocaine, among other crimes. The warrant was served at the home of Odenia Samson, 33, near Northwest 135th Street and Northwest Third Avenue just after 6 a.m. with a SWAT team going inside. Later in the day, the FBI said they were searching for Samson, as well as three other men for their alleged involvement in the distribution of cocaine, credit card fraud and identity theft Ensi Prudent, 38, was arrested Wednesday afternoon. Samson, Michael Descolline, 24, and Eddie Elistin, 32, remain at large. Homeowner Roderick Samson, told Local 10 News reporter Ben Kennedy that he was asleep when the FBI broke through his front gate looking for his nephew. He said agents found Odeni’s brother, Ivinson Samson, 31, at his job in Miami Beach, where he works as a mechanic. Kennedy was at the home as a blue Chevrolet was towed away. Roderick Samson said Ivinson co-signed a loan for the car for his brother, but isn’t sure why the FBI was at their home. “If they committed a crime or whatever they were doing, police were doing their […]

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