Feds Violate Data Breach Reporting Requirements They Would Impose on Private Companies

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The federal government’s Office of Personnel Management apparently discovered in April amassive security breach of its systems in which the personally identifiable information at least 4 million government employees was rifled through by Chinese government hackers. The OPMwaited at least two months – that would be more than 60 days – to begin notifying current and former federal employees of the breach. Now, CNN is reporting that the hackers may have accessed personal information of 18 millioncurrent and former government employees. Earlier this year the Obama Admininstration proposed the┬áPersonal Data Notification & Protection Act which, among other things, would require any business … …that uses, accesses, transmits, stores, disposes of or collects sensitive personally identifiable information about more than 10,000 individuals during any 12-month period shall, following the discovery of a security breach of such information, notify any individual whose sensitive personally identifiable information has been, or is reasonably believed to have been, accessed or acquired, unless there is no reasonable risk of harm or fraud to such individual. Unless the business can demonstrate reasons for delay, they must inform customers about the security breach within 30 days of discovering the intrusion. To be fair, the data protection act does […]

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