First look: #Wileyfox teases a new Android handset

With upstarts like OnePlus and Nextbit emerging in the past year, there’s no shortage of new smartphone brands hoping to make it big selling directly to consumers. One of those is UK-based manufacturer Wileyfox, which will be revealing its first Android handset tomorrow. And what you see above is your first look at that device, with what appears to be a metal frame and plastic sides. It also looks like it’s packing a traditional microUSB port and rear-facing speaker, in case you were wondering.

An all-new brand, Wileyfox is described by partner VentureSpring as “A new pure play mobile phone brand, sold online only, across Western Europe and North America.”

That’s all we know so far, but we’ll be live from London tomorrow to bring you all the details of Wileyfox’s first product launch.

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