Four parishes go whole year with no recorded crime in Diss Express area

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To some small villages in north Suffolk, crime is something that happens only in other parishes. 2014 crime figures for Suffolk show that four parishes in the Diss Express area, Wilby, Rishangles, Thornham Parva and Bedingfield, recorded zero crime that year. Meanwhile in wards where crimes have been recorded, Worlingworth has the fewest crimes, as a ratio of its population, in the county. The figures were published by Suffolk Observatory, which publishes official statistics about the county. Wilby has few facilities, and a little under 100 homes in the whole parish but does have a busy primary school. Council chairman Ian Williamson said: “It is a very settled community. I think people are reasonably alert and the police are good at keeping people advised of what the crime trends are. They attend parish council meetings or submit a report. “If there were any crimes here then people would have the confidence to report them to the police.” Although there are fewer police per square mile in rural areas like north Suffolk, the use of community crime prevention initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch has been pointed out as a reason for lower crime. Ever diminishing funding for the police force is […]

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