Fraud-Fighting Credit Card Startup Final Raises $1M In Seed Money


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This October, the United States will hopefully be fully converted to EMV card security, a system designed to combat fraud and identity theft, which has hit major chains like Target as of the last few years. A group of people who were victims of that data breach responded to the problem by forming a startup that would offer EMV credit cards with multiple different numbers so they wouldn’t be as prone to fraud. The company is called Final, and on Jan. 27 it announced that they received $1 million in seed money from angel investors, with a 2015 release date planned for their credit card, according to TechCrunch. Final was founded over a year ago by a collection of professionals from the IT and mobile payment communities, as well as a variety of startups. Having been victims of the Target data breach of 2013, which saw their credit cards abruptly shut off, they banded together to try and create a better credit card that wasn’t as prone to fraud, but also created better interactions between consumers, merchants, and financial partners. The product they came up with is an EMV credit card that can generate multiple numbers at the consumer’s request, with […]

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