Friday Poll: Are you adding anti-malware to your Mac?

An early version of Flashback impersonates an Adobe Flash installer.



Macs have long had a reputation as machines that rarely catch malicious bugs like trojans and spyware. Windows computers were always the sickly cousins, in need of having an antivirus doctor on hand at all times to ward against illness.

Mac’s ironclad image may need to be revised. Russian antivirus company Dr. Web has come out with a report saying 600,000 Macs around the globe are infected with the Flashback Trojan. The report says more than half of those Macs are located in the United States.

Flashback is an insidious piece of software designed to steal personal information from unsuspecting
Mac users. CNET’s Topher Kessler takes you inside the workings of Flashback, how to detect it, and how to remove it. And CNET’s Josh Lowensohn answers all your Flashback questions here.

Apple has released a patch for a Java vulnerability that Flashback was taking advantage of, but the fix won’t make the trojan disappear off the face of the planet or stop other variants from getting loose.

Most of the Mac users I know don’t have anti-malware software installed, though there are plenty of packages available. I confess, I don’t have it running on my MacBook Air, but I’m now checking out my options.

Here’s the big question for you Mac users: Are you installing anti-malware tools on your Mac now? Vote in our poll and tell us why or why not in the comments.

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