Global Recognition for Teen’s Environmental Innovations

Braden Milford, a high school senior from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was recently selected as a Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader. Milford, who created a water purification system for a school project, is now receiving global recognition and interest after creating and using a simulated stream to show how it would work. Milford explains, “My project associates environmentally extracted bacteria with algae in a jelly-like system that you can then deploy into a stream and it will intake water toxins.”

Milford will travel to New York in March, where he’ll pair up with a distinguished mentor in the science field to help his project grow. He is also in the running for one of the top science competitions in the nation, called Regeneron Science Talent Search. If he makes the top 40, he’ll take in 25 thousand dollars. If he is the overall winner, he’ll receive 250 thousand dollars towards his project. No matter what, Milford plans to continue working on ways to develop his water purification system. He says, “Seeing what will make an impact on the world really drives me forward.”

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