Greg Miskiw: ‘the Prince of Darkness’ of phone hacking

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We meet in a cafe at an arts centre in a suburb of Leeds. Ukranian by blood, Yorkshireman by birth, Greg Miskiw is coming home, rebuilding things after prison, to give his first TV interview. Half apologist for hacking – even now after a prison sentence – and half haunted and destroyed by the whole business, Greg Miskiw presents an intriguing figure. “The Prince of Darkness; a one man crime-wave. He was the King’s Cross of hacking because all routes led to him,” says Graham Johnson, another Wapping insider and convicted hacker who has brought Miskiw out of the shadows for “He was the original hard-bitten newsman. But he wasn’t a shouter or a bully on the whole. In fact quietly spoken. But with a reputation for bringing home stories again and again.” And why? Because he was Glenn Mulcaire’s handler at the News of the World. “I was working with a private detective,” says Miskiw, “and one day he said to me, I have this man you need to meet. That man was Glenn Mulcaire.” If Miskiw was the Prince of Darkness, Mulcaire was the Emperor. Source:

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