Hacker profiling: who is attacking me?

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Sophisticated cyber attacks have evolved rapidly in the last year, crippling online networks and causing serious financial, operational and reputational damage on firms, regardless of industry or nationality. Many executives rank a large-scale attack as the most important risk facing their firm. The biggest concern generally isn’t the financial cost, but the reputational impact, especially when it comes to consumer data or sensitive internal information. An organisation’s reputation is fragile – once tarnished, it can be difficult to get back. The pressures on CISOs and their teams is clearly on the rise. Over 95% of CISOs say it is at least “moderately likely” that their company will face what they call an “advanced” attack in the next 12 months. Worse, nearly three-quarters of CISOs think their function won’t deal with it properly. >See also: Why you are probably an accidental hacker It should come as no surprise that if the team does not already have a detailed plan in place – a plan that has been rehearsed by the key players – the consequences of the breach will be much worse. Advanced threats are substantially different to traditional threats faced by CISOs and their teams. They differ because they are harder to […]

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