Hackers Blackmail Bank for Trump Donation: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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In a story that proves truth really can be stranger than fiction, a hacker group broke into a bank’s website so it could donate money to Donald Trump’s campaign. The group calls itself “Hack for Trump” and is now demanding a $30,000 ransom or it will release confidential information about Fidelity Bank in the Bahamas. In a statement, the group said it only wanted the money so it could help Donald Trump restore America to its former glory. Here’s what you need to know. The group, which calls itself “Hack for Trump,” hacked into Bahamas’ Fidelity Bank’s website,Press TV reported. The hackers said they were able to obtain sensitive information during the hack. Fidelity briefly took its website offline over the weekend to evaluate the hacks, according to The Cayman Reporter. The bank contacted its customers to let them know about the threat. 2. The Hackers Wanted a $30,000 Ransom in Exchange for Not Releasing Confidential Information The hackers said they would publish sensitive information unless they were paid a $30,000 ransom, The Naussau Guardian reported. The hacked websites were hosted by a third party vendor, not the bank itself, and were used for marketing and customer inquiries. 3. They Planned to Donate the $30,000 […]

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