Hackers for hire: The dangers of small time cyber-crime

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Black market websites have offered a wide array of services aimed at the aspiring cyber-criminal for some time. However, recent attention has been given to a new breed of websites that offer hacking services to a much broader market. Hacking, it would seem, is moving from the realms of the aspiring criminal on the dark web and becoming a mainstream service. Sites such as hackerslist.com, hackerforhire.org and neighbourhoodhacker.com have developed as anonymous meeting grounds for those seeking hacking services and those willing to provide them for a fee. Even the review site hackerforhirereview.com has sprung up, ostensibly rating such sites for veracity and effectiveness. As is to be expected in a technologically advanced market such as this, the free market has adapted to fill a perceived gap in the market before legislation can catch up. As such, the legality of these sites and practices remains in question, yet this has not prevented them from being populated with hundreds of listings. The services offered on these sites tend to be only a portion of those offered on the much larger and unambiguously illegal ‘underground’ market of the dark web. You won’t find advertising for malicious botnets of infected computers with which […]

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