Hamza Bendelladj NOT Sentenced to Death for SpyEye Virus

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

No, contrary to a sudden flurry of loosely-sourced articles in the hacker and Muslim press, Hamza Bendelladj aka Bx1, spammer and co-creator of the SpyEye virus, has not been sentenced to death by a US jury. In fact, he hasn’t been sentenced at all. And he’ll never stand in front of a jury, having already pled guilty. Here’s an example of the hysterical outcry, from an article calling him a “Muslim HERO!” News of the execution of the Algerian hacker, Hamza Bendeladj [sic], by the US authorities sparked a large controversy on social media, as some activists launched a campaign of support and solidarity “We are all Hamza”, in which they called on the authorities to mediate for saving the life of “Algeria’s genius”, who stunned the world through hacking Israeli websites and banks, and offers their funds to the Palestinian people.   Funds which he and his SpyEye trojan took from victims all over the world. The US ambassador to Algeria has taken to Twitter to beat back the death sentence allegations, stating that none of the crimes with which he’s been charged are punishable by death, and that his sentencing will be later this year. And this one […]

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