Helping out in the e-crime fight

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

SWIFT work was carried out at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre yesterday after The National pointed out that parts of the website for the self-styled “hub of innovation and business improvement” were not working. We explored the site after the SBRC urged Scots to make one “simple change” in their computer usage to help reduce the impact of cyber-attacks. It said patching – installing updates to operating systems to keep them up to date – reduced the ability of e-criminals to hack computers and steal money, sabotage operations or share personal information. However, a widget on the site, which relayed SBRC tweets, had repeated one message more than 20 times and, when we tried to sign up for regular alerts we could not progress past stage three of ten. A few hours later, things were back to normal and a spokesperson for SBRC said: “We are always grateful for feedback, especially if it relates to website issues. “Many companies have been able to register for the Business Alerts in the past without issue. But in any case, the website offers other means for companies to sign up for alerts.” SBRC has been tasked with delivering a cyber-resilience strategy to help […]

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