Here’s how Pa. is working to protect you from cyber-attacks

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Many of you are reading this on your computer or smart phone right now. That’s because we rely on computers and the Internet for almost everything we do. More than 500 million devices are connected to the Internet. And last week, we saw the potential for catastrophic effects due to computer issues. The New York Stock Exchange was temporarily shut down, and all United Airlines flights across the country were grounded for several hours. Investigations into both instances haven’t yet pointed to cyber-attacks. But regardless of whether hackers were involved, they very well could have been – and the effects could have been much worse. Imagine having no access to travel for an extended period of time; not being able to access money at your bank; not being able to communicate with loved ones; or not having power or running water for a prolonged period. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of Internet-connected devices in today’s world, these possibilities are real. And with the sophistication of hackers and the amount of vulnerable information in our shared web space, we have to work hard to prevent them. It’s not just a matter of stealing information; it’s the potential to manipulate equipment and control […]

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