Hidden Figures: visionary African American women

Hidden Figures is the incredible untold story of Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe)—brilliant African-American women working as mathematicians at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. This was a stunning achievement that restored the nation’s confidence, turned around the space race, and galvanized the world. Set in 1960s Hampton, Virginia, the visionary trio cross all gender and race lines and struggle for professional recognition from their male colleagues.

This film illustrates the power of Black women and the heights we can achieve when we band together. Hidden Figures is definitely a must-see for African-American girls.  Learning what the woman meant to the space race and Jim Crow era will make you appreciate their efforts and inspire a generation, which makes this film worthwhile.

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