How IBM Watson Is Helping To Fight Cyber Crime

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If it feels as though your online existence is under constant threat from hackers and cyber thieves, you’re not imagining it. According to AV-TEST, an independent IT security institute, every day over 390,000 malicious programs are released into the wild with the aim of infiltrating computer networks, stealing trade secrets and personal data. So how is it that Amir Husain, founder of SparkCognition, is hopeful when so many of us feel so helpless? He believes network security software is entering a new, more powerful age, one that’s enabled by artificial intelligence and IBM Watson. We caught up with Husain to discuss what his new model for network security entails. Warner: SparkCognition is causing quite a stir in the online security world. Can you talk a bit about your mission? Husain: We’re solving problems with the industrial Internet and with cyber security. For the former, we work with large manufacturers and energy companies that need a better way of getting a handle on machine prognostics that can predict when systems will fail. For cyber security, we apply our algorithms to a massive body of information, what we call a cognitive security depository. It’s a very large collection of honey pot systems […]

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