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We’ve heard the warnings for years now to avoid sketchy ATMs, yet folks continue to withdraw from hacked ATMs and later watch helplessly as money drains from their accounts. Thanks in part to slow adoption of EMV chip smart cards in the U.S., thefts of card data from U.S. ATMs are at the highest rate in two decades. From January to April alone, ATM security breaches rose 174% from the same time last year. New ATMs are on the rise that claim to defeat the current ATM hacking methods, but in the meantime, there are tips to steer clear of ATMs that are most likely to be hacked. STAY IN PLAIN SIGHT When you insert your bank card into an ATM, it reads the information on the black magnetic stripe as it pulls the card into the machine. One way hackers steal your card info is by mounting a very thin reader ahead of the ATM machine’s card reader to get your card’s information as you slide your card in. Another is by prying into the machine itself and hooking up to the ATM’s digital guts to hack it the old fashioned way. Regardless of a hacker’s method to steal […]

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