How to get minecraft for free and connect to hamachi

hamachi: MY SERVE RNO LONGER REQIRES HAMACHI… free minecraft: (this download is for the people who wanted to buy mincraft and bought a visa gift card and realized that notch has not yet set up a bank account in the usa for transaction and neglects to still proceed to make one. untill this is accomplished i will continue to use this copy.(money is waiting notch all you gota do is put in the effort to make it :D )) server name: Justin’s Minecraft server. minecraft server ip (in progress of transition if you would like to play on my server please subscribe and message me) PLEASE NOTE WHEN YOU GO IN THE SERVER YOU WILL HAVE TO REGISTER BY PRESSING “T” AND TYPING “/register password” WITHOUT THE QUATATIONS OF COURSE. AFTER THAT EVERY TIME YOU LOG IN IT WILL ASK YOU TO LOGIN TYPE “/login password”. ALOT OF PLAYER KEPT ASKING HOW DO I LOG INTO MY SERVER SO I PUT THIS MESSAGE INTO HERE TO TELL THEM.

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