How to have yourself a merry cyber-safe Christmas

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How to have yourself a merry cyber-safe Christmas

In 2000, Scott Culp wrote a terrific essay on computer security. It was entitled the 10 Immutable Laws Of Security. Fifteen years is a long time in cybersecurity, so it seemed like a good time to revisit these “laws” and put them in the a context you might encounter this Christmas – a time when there’s often a spike in attacks. Observing them could prevent a festive season you’d rather forget. Most hacks begin this way – you receive an email, or SMS, you visit a link and are given a convincing reason why you have to install something. Or, you receive an email with a document attached, open it and it installs the malware for you. Think twice, click once. If something is unexpected don’t trust it: delete it. Be careful where you buy that Christmas present from or you may get more than you bargained. Even reputable manufacturers have been found to install elements into an operating system that cause major security headaches. If at all possible, buy devices that give you the necessary data – original keys and software – to reinstall the operating system. A fresh install is the only way you can be certain of […]

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