How to prevent common cyber-attacks

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Computers at the Japan Pension Service were recently infected with a virus, and a huge amount of personal information was stolen. Other cases involved the decrypting of wireless LAN passwords, leading to damage caused by illicit access. Anyone – including users of smartphone and tablet devices – could become a victim of such cyber-attacks. It is essential to take precautions, such as remaining on the alert about suspicious e-mails, to protect against such threats. Stay alert at work The target of the cyber-attack on the Japan Pension Service was a computer terminal used by one of the employees. The computer was infected when the employee opened an e-mail attachment that contained a virus. This type of cyber-attack, called a “targeted e-mail,” is mainly aimed at stealing information from large companies and public institutions. Since the e-mails use the names of actual organizations or people and the subject and content look natural, they often appear genuine to the recipient. For example, the sender name might read “Health Insurance Office,” and the subject “Notice about medical expenses.” Senders of such e-mails research their target institutions and disguise their e-mails based on that research so as to make the messages they send appear […]

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