How to remove your Windows logon Password if you forgot it.

Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor works on almost all versions windows from NT to Windows 7 64bit I will show you how to download, burn, and remove your forgotten password. Download & Save Offine NT Password: Download and install ImgBurn: Remember where you saved the files. Now you will want to extract the Offline NT Password by right clicking on the file you download and click “extract all…” Now put a CD-R in your burner and open ImgBurn Click “Write Image file to disc” Click the folder with the magnifying glass then browse to the cd110511.iso you extracted. Click “Open” Then click to start the burn process. Now you will want to boot to the CD. As the BIOS Splash Screen (Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway, etc logos) is shown hit F12 for the temporary boo menu. If not F12 other known keys are ESC, TAB, DEL, F1, F2, F8, F10, and F11. Most the time it will flash showing the key with the BIOS splash screen logo. Once you have booted to the CD If there is more than 1 partition most of the time it is the partition that is bigger in size. So type the corresponding number and hit enter. Now you will want to hit enter to confirm your registry location. 99% of the time the default directory is correct so just hit enter. Type “1″ for Password reset [sam system security] then hit enter. Type “1″ for Edit user data and passwords then hit enter Type your username you want to remove the password for MAKE SURE IT IS TYPE EXACTLY SHOWN because it is

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