How to spot a hacker, and prevent employees turning rogue

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Hackers come in many shapes and forms. Many of them are located thousands of miles away working for criminal gangs, or even as part of some state-sponsored army bent on stealing your secrets. Those remote hackers will always be there, and you will never come into physical contact with them. But there are also the hackers who wheedle their way into your organisation and undermine your security from the inside. They are potentially the more dangerous, because they work inside your firewalls. However, they are also the people you have some chance of identifying and stopping – if you know what to look for. We collected a group of people whose job it is to do just this, and asked them to give their advice to our readers. This is a flavour of what they said….. Jenny Radcliff, who specialises in penetration testing, observed that many malicious insiders begin as normal employees, but slowly become disenchanted with the organisation and it treats them. “Organisations end up growing their own hackers,” she said. “They have employees who are not fans of the company itself, and even if these employees don’t become hackers themselves, they will feel no obligation to resist a hacker.” […]

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