IBM: Ransomware, Insider Threats Top 2015 Cyber-Trends

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IBM: Ransomware, Insider Threats Top 2015 Cyber-Trends

2015 has been a challenging year as insider threats and malware as well as stealthy and evolving attacks affected enterprises. Taking stock, IBM Security has identified the top four cyber-threat trends of the year: amateur hacker carelessness, ransomware, insider threats and C-suite attention. The first notable trend is amateur hackers exposing sophisticated criminals in onion-layered attacks. While 80% of cyberattacks are driven by highly organized and sophisticated online crime rings, it is often inexperienced hackers (“script kiddies”) who unknowingly alert companies to these larger, sophisticated hackers lurking on a network or inside an organization. These amateur hackers leave clues like unusual folders or files in a temporary directory, deface corporate web materials, and more. When organizations look into these mischievous attacks, they often find much more complex attacks. “As the name suggests, an onion-layered security incident is one in which a second, often significantly more damaging attack is uncovered during the investigation of another more visible event,” the firm said in its Q4 2015 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly report. “The security team has to carefully peel back layers of forensic information in order to determine the root cause of each event under scrutiny.” Also, it’s almost undeniable that 2015 […]

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