ID thieves out to smear your Christmas cheer

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ID thieves out to smear your Christmas cheer

Old St. Nick and that elf on your shelf may not be the only ones watching you during the holiday shopping season. Identity thieves have their eyes peeled as well. While you’re shopping online or in stores, seeking those perfect gifts for folks on your nice list, there is a good chance that a not-so-nice someone is out there trying to steal both yourCASH and your good name. Identity thieves do this by using an ever-growing number of nefarious methods to trick you into giving them access to credit card account numbers, PINs, SocialSECURITY information, and other personal data. “Never respond to online requests for information, even if it’s from someone you do business with,” said Director of Maryville Public Safety Keith Wood. “Reputable companies never ask for information this way. Don’t give it out unless you have initiated the contact.” Identity theft can damage your finances,CREDIT HISTORY, and reputation, and taking steps to safeguard your identity is no different than buckling your seat belt or locking your door at night. According to Wood, it’s especially important to be vigilant with yourCREDIT AND DEBIT CARDSas you shop during the Christmas season. “Never let your cards out of your sight,” he […]

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