Identity theft on rise during holiday shopping season

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Identity theft on rise during holiday shopping season

People all across the world jumped into holiday shopping by looking for theBEST DEALS on Cyber Monday. However, because of all the shopping, online customers are seeing an increased risk of identity theft. Officer Beth Glover of the Lee’s SummitPOLICE Department says cases of identity theft are on the rise this time of year. As a result, police are increasingly joining forces with other areas to put a stop to the crimes. Lee’s Summit is currently a part of The Heartland of America RegionalCOMPUTER FORENSICS Lab (HARCFL), which tracks cyber crimes in parts of Missouri and Kansas. Officer Glover also says metro police are working with the Secret Service and other federal law enforcement to try and decrease cases of identity theft. CREDIT CARD theft has definitely increased over time,” Glover explained. “We didn’t see this type of activity 10 or 15 years ago. Just over the last few years we have seen an uptick in reporting.” POLICEgive the following tips to online shoppers to help them avoid getting their identity stolen: •         Use aSECURE website: One way to tell is by searching for “https” in the address •         Avoid using public Wi-Fi when buying things online •         Only use […]

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