Ill. cop killer, denied parole, dies in prison

By PoliceOne Staff

CHICAGO — A former Chicago inmate who killed two police officers in a bank robbery died in prison, the Chicago Tribune reported. Henry Michael Gargano, 79, died October 13 in a North Carolina federal medical correctional center, the Federal Bureau of Prisons stated in a notice sent Wednesday. He suffered two heart attacks while behind bars and took at least a dozen prescription medications.

PoliceOne columnist Chuck Remsberg outlines Gargano’s lengthy criminal history, which began with a trip to a juvenile delinquency center at age 14 for a restaurant burglary. “At 17, he robbed a grocery store with a sawed-off shotgun,” Remsberg stated. “At 20, committed armed robbery of a law firm and at 24, knocked over an Indiana bank.” In the most startling incident, Gargano – with the help of two other masked gunmen – stood over the already-wounded bodies of Sgt. John Nagle and Officer Anthony Perri of the Northlake (Ill.) PD and murdered them, Resmberg wrote. He reportedly fired multiple rounds and injured two other officers.

“I don’t feel any remorse for those dead cops,” Gargano said in 1981, 14 years after the shooting.

Gargano was considered for parole in December 2010 as medical treatment grew expensive and reports of “clear conduct” for more than a decade came in from corrections officers. PoliceOne members did their part to ensure he remained behind bars.

In March the parole commission denied Gargano’s request for freedom.

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