Introducing the company that pays $1 million for Apple hacks


Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

NEW YORK– There’s a vibrant underground market for tools to hack you, but one company is making offers out in the open. Last year, Zerodium publicly offered $1 million for a powerful, new hack that would remotely sneak into an iPhone running Apple’s latest software. In November, the firm announced the winner — an unidentified team of hackers. Zerodium publicly offers up to $100,000 for Android and Windows Phone hacks. It’ll pay $80,000 for hacks that involve the Adobe PDF reader or Flash Player. In a sense, Zerodium is a cyber arms dealer. It pays hackers to learn about their tactics, then packages that and sells it to elite subscribers. For $500,000 or more a year, governments could buy a road map for hacking Android phones to spy on people. Companies could learn about a special hacking tactic before it’s used on their own Windows computers — or quietly use it themselves for corporate espionage. Governments can even pay Zerodium a premium to get exclusive rights to a hacking method, though the company says those are rare. Zerodium’s business is extremely controversial, because it is selling “zero-days,” the golden gun of the cyber world. These are rare, powerful hacks that […]

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