Israeli firm in spotlight after FBI’s iphone hack


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Israeli firm in spotlight after FBI’s iphone hack

PETAH TIKVA, Israel (CNN) – The legal fight between Apple and the FBI over a terrorist’s smartphone has put another company, an Israeli tech firm, into the spotlight. Four months after the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the iPhone 5c of one of the shooters remained a critical but inaccessible piece of evidence. An ugly legal battle between the FBI and Apple suddenly ended when the FBI found a different way to get into the iPhone. An Israeli newspaper, citing industry sources, said the company that did the work was called Cellebrite. Cellebrite is based in a high-tech park just outside of Tel Aviv. Neither the FBI nor Cellebrite have confirmed the company’s involvement, but Cellebrite specializes in mobile device data extraction and decryption – hacking phones. That’s exactly what the FBI needed in this case. CNN reached out to Cellebrite and the FBI repeatedly. Cellebrite didn’t return the calls, and the FBI wouldn’t comment about the company. The FBI has said only that they used an “outside company.” The FBI signed a $200,000 contract with Cellebrite the same day the FBI announced it had gained access to the content in the shooter’s phone. Shares of Cellebrite’s parent company soared. At […]

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