IT Business Products : Pedestals Give Your Laundry Room a Lift

With a little help from washer and dryer pedestals, you can take control of your laundry room. Adding this essential accessory can corral the clutter, provide extra storage space and help lessen the burden of doing laundry so even the busiest household can keep running smoothly.

Store the Eyesores

Do you use detergent, fabric softener, bleach and dryer sheets? Of course you do, but you could probably live without the clutter. The addition of a pedestal—or two—is the perfect solution for storing and organizing laundry essentials while keeping them in easy reach. Samsung Laundry Pedestals are 15” tall and as wide and deep as your appliances. And a customizable divider in each drawer makes it simple to optimize the interior storage space, which can easily accommodate 100 oz. detergent containers and just about anything your laundry room needs.

Take a Load Off Your Back

A Samsung pedestal for your washer and dryer not only adds extra storage space, it can make doing laundry physically easier. By lifting your washer and dryer 15” higher, pedestals make doing laundry easier on your arms, legs and back. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bending down to load and unload your washer and dryer.

Separate with Ease

Pedestals can also be used to do the laundry. With a pedestal for each appliance, the drawers can function as a laundry separator. Creating different types of loads becomes simple—so it’s easy to keep jeans from delicates, and colors from lights, or however you’d prefer. And each drawer is equipped with customizable dividers so you can determine the size of each load.

A Toolbox for Anything

One pedestal added to your laundry room and voila: You have extra real estate. Your favorite-but-dingy gardening shoes now have a home out of sight, and they’re accessible the moment you’re ready to use them. Meanwhile, unsightly cleaning rags or hammers and screwdrivers can now be stashed away and found when you need them. Every kind of household straggler—even extra toilet tissue or the tennis balls you stick in the dryer for extra fluffiness—can now be saved.

A Compartment for the Apartment

If you live in a cozy apartment you know that keeping it tidy is quite an art. But the addition of pedestals can provide extra storage not only for essentials like collapsible laundry baskets and stain removers, but they can even be used to stow items such as pet food or those extra pairs of shoes you can’t fit in your closet. And the pedestal’s customizable divider and ergonomic door grip make using the drawers easy.

One More Room Organized

So no matter the size of your space or your family, these easy-to-stack, matching pedestals can add a layer of functionality and organization to your home. Tucking away the orphaned sock till the next load or storing that lone bottle of WD-40 for the next creaky door will help keep your laundry space—and your home and family—organized and clutter-free.

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